Buying a mobility scooter

Enjoy your independence with the Colibri

If you struggle to walk, but want the freedom of getting out and about, you may want to consider buying a mobility scooter. But how do you choose the right one for you in order to get the most out of it? Here we give you an overview of how to choose the right scooter.

Types of mobility scooter

There are three types of scooter, as defined by the DVLA:

Class 2 scooters can be driven on pavements and in shopping areas. They should be driven no faster than 4mph.

Boot or travel scooters are a type of Class 2 scooter, and the most popular types of scooter in the UK. You can pack them into a car boot by folding or dismantling them. They are generally smaller and can only be driven on pavements.

Class 3 scooters can be driven on roads as well as pavements. They have a rear-view mirror as well as lights at the front and back. They are larger than Class 2 scooters and can be driven up to 8mph. No driving licence is needed, but the scooter must be registered with the DVLA. See more here.

How do I know if I need a scooter?

People who use scooters generally need help with mobility; tire or experience pain after walking short distances; and are able-bodied enough not to need a wheelchair, but would struggle with a walking aid such as a stick or rollator.

How would I benefit from a scooter?

  • They offer greater independence for people who have difficulty walking
  • They are simple to operate, and users don’t need a driving licence to drive one
  • They are generally cheaper than electric wheelchairs
  • They require less upper-body strength than manual wheelchairs
  • Some scooters can fit into the boot of a car
  • You can use scooters in most public and private spaces, depending on their size
  • There are a wide variety of scooters to choose from, meaning you can find one with features to suit your needs


Class 2 scooters:

The Emerald is a Class 2 mobility scooter.

Shop Emerald here:

The Sapphire is a Class 2 scooter.

Shop Sapphire here: 

Boot scooters (Class 2): 

The Colibri is a boot scooter.

Shop Colibri here: 

The Scout is a boot scooter.

Shop Scout here:

Class 3 scooters:

The Orion is a Class 3 scooter.

Shop Orion here:

Elite XS
The Elite XS is a Class 3 scooter.

Shop Elite XS here:

To see more of our scooters online, click here.

You may also be eligible to lease a scooter on the Motability scheme, click here to find out more.

Which scooter is right for me?

We sell all three types of scooter, and each has different features. It depends on where you are planning to use your scooter, if you want to ride on roads as well as pavements and finding the right speed so you can safely stay in control. There are many other factors to consider.

This is why we offer free assessments on a range of scooters. Our scooter specialists will come out to your home or care home at a time to suit you. They will take measurements, bring scooters out for you to try and ask you questions to find out your requirements. They can then suggest suitable scooters and give you prices. Assessments are free and no obligation.

To see if there is a specialist available to carry out a free scooter assessment in your area, call us on 0114 229 3374.