Looking after your mobility scooter

Enjoy your independence with the Colibri

Today marks the start of the Mobility Roadshow at Donington Park in Derby. This event runs from today until Saturday and has lots of exhibitors and mobility products on display, such as wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility scooters.

The roadshow also has a conference tomorrow in which there are workshops on older drivers and legal issues surrounding mobility scooters. Here we provide some advice on how you can keep your scooter in good working order.

Service contract

It’s important to ensure that your scooter is safe and reliable so you can continue to get out and about independently. That’s why we have a Service team on hand to answer your queries and engineers who can carry out a service on your scooter to ensure it’s in good working order. A service contract is pre-paid for the year and our Service team will ring you annually to book you in for an appointment, where one of our engineers will come out to service your scooter. They can then tell you if everything is in working order or give you a no obligation quote for repairs.

Alternatively you can request a service at any time. If you would like to ask about service contracts or book a service, call us on 0114 229 3377.


Although it isn’t a legal requirement with scooters, it’s just as important to take out insurance for you, your scooter and anyone or anything which could potentially be damaged. Get peace of mind for a small cost, in the case of an accident, theft or loss of keys. For more information on terms and conditions and policy types, call us on 0114 229 3388.

Extended manufacturer’s warranty

Every scooter will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, you can check your documents to see how long your scooter is under warranty. If you have any problems in this time, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0114 229 3377 as your scooter will still be within its warranty period. You can also take out an extended warranty, which covers exactly the same but for a longer period for extra peace of mind. As products get older and are used more frequently, there is a higher risk of a breakdown, so an extended warranty can help your scooter to stay in working order for longer. Call us on 0114 229 3377 for more information.


Scooter storage cover

When not in use, you should store your scooter in a safe and secure place. It is preferable to store your scooter indoors in a dry place, however, if this is not possible, you can buy a scooter storage cover here. This is waterproof and protects your scooter from the elements. We also have several scooter accessories, such as a control panel cover, capes and ponchos, which can be found here.