Disabled access

Greater disabled access to fitness centres needed

Disabled access

A new survey has revealed the desire for greater disabled access to fitness and leisure facilities.

The survey was commissioned by the organisers of Parallel London, which is the world’s first disability-led event. It aims to encourage disabled people to become more active and independent.

The survey found that:

  • 94% of respondents believe more should be done to provide disabled people with equal access to leisure and fitness facilities
  • 69% of disabled people say they face barriers when participating in physical activity or being more active
  • Two-thirds of disabled people say that they would be more active if these barriers were removed
  • 69% of non-disabled people believe there is prejudice against disabled people in Britain, compared with 82% of disabled people who feel there is prejudice
  • 83% would like to be more active and take part in more fitness activities
  • 58% say that they face barriers when attending cultural events or activities

Parallel London takes place on 4th September at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The event is about bringing people together and includes multiple walks or runs to suit all abilities.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has backed the event calling it “a wonderful family-friendly day out, which I hope will help change attitudes as well as getting more of us to become more active.”

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