NHS Review Day, Sunrise Medical

Open day at Clark and Partners
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Today was a NHS review day here at Clark and Partners head office in Orgreave and we took great pleasure in assisting Sunrise in their launch of the new Quickie Xenon introducing it to healthcare professionals such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists. The Xenon is part of the world class Quickie range of wheelchairs.

A great day was had by all accounts and it was fantastic to see staff and healthcare professionals actively getting involved and excited about up and coming products.

The four new models available consist of two powered wheelchairs and two self propelled wheelchairs all holding their own unique selling points.

The new Quickie Xenon above anything else boasts to be the lightest folding wheelchair in the world, which together with the usual sleek design makes the new addition to the Quickie family a much sought after model. There was also the Quickie Helium as part of the active chair range together with two powered wheelchairs.

The day gave us the opportunity to review the Quickie Salsa M model, which was launched 8 months ago and has revolutionary Mid-wheeled drive technology making it able to deliver a more compact turning circle. This powered wheelchair has ever growing popularity and this seems set to continue.

There was also the opportunity to view the Quickie Salsa M Kids with paediatric seating, which is due to be launched soon and will give the opportunity for staff and customers to try this out and use for future assessments.

All these chairs are available for wheelchair users to try out to see how they compare to what they are currently using. For a test drive call 01142293386.

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  1. Love the picture of Derek with the new scooters, these look good can’t wait to see the large models you mention…particularly the Drive Sportrider I definately want to get myself one of those!!

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