The New Sandpiper Footwear Range

The New Sandpiper Footwear Range

A day out with Bev – Footwear Specialist

This week I spent a day with our footwear specialist Bev as she continued the integration of the New Sandpiper range of shoes and slippers into our showrooms here at Clark and Partners.

The day started with us visiting a local residential village to host a coffee morning. This was not only a great opportunity for the residents to see the whole collection available but also gave Bev a chance to explain just how versatile these shoes and slippers really are.

As this was new territory to me I found it interesting to see just how much variation was available within the new range for sensitive feet. Later in the day we also had the opportunity to visit a lady at home which is all part of the personal service provided for by Bev on behalf of Clark and Partners.

There seems to be many advantages to this new range, as well as the extra wide fittings and their ultra flexible construction the 3 in 1 fitting system seems to be a winner amongst customers as this gives the option to create more or less space in each shoe which could be a perfect solution for swollen or bandaged feet. This could also be a great solution for those who wish to use their own orthotics or insoles. There are also removable and washable socks that form the inner lining and padded tongues available.

Another valuable point to raise is that they give underfoot support from the heel to the arch giving the stability needed for walking and there are even shoes in the range that eliminate internal stitching to avoid rubbing.

All in all I found the day a real eye opener into the world of sensitive shoes and how the various designs and features can enable people the long awaited comfort and the chance to increase their mobility for a better quality of life.

To see the new Sandpiper range or to arrange home visit take a look in one of our stores for details. Or alternatively contact Bev at Head office on 0114 2293391



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  1. These shoes are great and bev does a great presentation of them and explains why and how they help poorly feet

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