Staff training the key to success

Clark & Partners, Sales Manager, Louise Pearson genuinely believes that sound product knowledge is a key customer influence and because of this they invest heavily in staff training and continuous personal development.

Clark and Partners sales team members, eager to expand their skill set, have recently completed the ’Trusted Advisor Learning Programme’. Such a commitment puts them and our business at a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

The course aims to develop the knowledge and assessment skills of retail staff. During the course their questioning techniques are refined, enabling them to understand customer needs better. Ultimately, better advice is offered and customer trust and satisfaction levels are increased.

The course designed by Years Ahead on behalf of Patterson Medical, is presented by Occupational Therapists and combines online learning modules with one day workshops. It is approved by CEDAB’s Assistive Technology Education and Training Partnership Board and is accredited by the Open College Network (OCN).

Louise said “It was a brilliant course – staff and more importantly customer feedback has been positive… It’s been a very worthwhile and informative learning exercise for all involved. I would highly recommend it.”