Christine Sets sail for Amy’s Retreat

christines charity day

Once again, a member of Clark and Partners has made us very proud. On Sunday 18th August, Christine Joel, Team Leader of our Orgreave Showroom got involved with a Charity Event and Fun Day in order to help raise money for Amy’s Retreat, which is a charity that raises money for children with cancer.

Christine and the group involved in her Local Sailing Club organised a Fun Day, based around a Cops and Robber theme, held at Rother Valley Park from 10.30am until 6.30pm. There were cake stalls, raffles, activities and games on and off the water, and much more! The group managed to raise an outstanding total of £700 for the charity, which has made a huge contribution towards sending the children for respite at Centre Parks.

Christine from our Orgreave Showroom quotes: “The day was very, and we managed to raise more than I had expected. Lots of people attended the day and kept donating throughout. The Charity, Amy’s Retreat are very appreciative of our efforts to raise the money too, but it’s nice just to know we are able to help give the children something.”

We also have a donation box in our Orgreave Showroom for Amy’s Retreat, so the donations and support for them will continue!

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